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Chemistry Lab for Kids and Girls

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Students will be bubbling with curiosity as young scientists examine the curious reactions that everyday materials and chemicals have when they combine or change state. This class will emphasize the fun of experimentation, while teaching the complexities of all matter, right down to the atomic level.

Chemistry Lab for Kids        Grades 3 - 5       8:00 am - 9:25 am        $298*

Now you can give your child a solid foundation in science from the beginning!  This exciting class gives young people an overview of important science concepts in language that's understandable in early elementary years. With fun experiments and activities, kids will love exploring in the Lab creating concoctions and seeing chemical reactions!  They will do engaging experiments with Atoms, Molecules, Acids & Bases, Reactions, Mixtures, Food & Taste, Molecular Chains, Molecules in Your Body, and more. 

Chemistry Lab for Girls        Grades 6 - 8        1:00 pm - 2:25 pm      $325*

Hey, Girls!  Check out the fun projects we do in Chemistry! Chemical reactions happen around us all the time; whether we're cooking or cleaning or digesting our food!  With the fun chemistry experiments in this class, you'll be able to experiment with color-changing chemicals, test the nutrients of different food substances, grow crystals, make invisible ink, and much more!

*Includes Supply Fee

GenTech Adds Chemistry Classes To It's Fall Line-Up

Build In STEAM:  Prepare Them for Solid Futures

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Register for a Solid STEAM Program:  GenTech classes available through our online portal.

GenTech is passionate about helping prepare your child for college and a solid future in a STEAM field.

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